X Factor Latest News

10.7 million viewers tuned into X Factor breaking all records for the show. This was the best ever , up by more than 2.5 million on last year's figures.

If you love the X Factor Show you must take a look at X Factor Heaven Blog. This will be your "one stop shop", to talk about the winners, and losers, with news, pictures and all the videos and every thing to do with X factor.

This blog aims to be regularly updated so you should get the latest inside gossip from the judges and presenters. There are videos and pictures of all the contestants in the "X Factor latest news updates" section which are updated every week.

There is what is claimed to be an unconventional forum with a "Virtual Chat room" where you can meet new people from all over the world and discuss the winners and losers.

This is a new blog so it will only work if other bloggers make it work.

Free Google Software

If you don't have the latest spreadsheet or word processing software don't worry.

Google Pack is a collection of pwerful, easy to use software available directly from Google.

There are no trial versions or spyware, and the whole pack is ready to use. You simply select the software you need.

If you need more information on what's available have a look at Free Google Pack Blog This is a blog entirely dedicated to the Google Pack. This goes into a lot more detail so it's well worth a look.

Big Brother 8 Is Ending!

We're almost coming to the last week of Big Brother 8.

If you want to make the most of the last few days of Big Brother 8 then make sure you take a look at BigBro8.blogspot.com.
This is one of the best Big Brother 8 forums and is always updated with the latest news and events.

I always look forward to Big Brother as this signals the start of Summer. However, the end of Big Brother also means the end of Summer as well.

Still, there's X Factor to look forward to and Celebrity Big Brother!

New Search Engine

Starsearchr.com is a new search engine with the main focus on celebrity and entertainment.

Categories include Entertainment, Actresses, Music and Bollywood.

An example of a search result for an actress is:- MalayalamActress Reshma Click this link to see how Starsearchr works.

Fergalicious Lyrics

If you sometimes find it hard to tell what your favourite stars are singing then you need one of the many lyric sites. It's worth checking out the blog: Fergalicious-lyrics.blogspot.com

Although it is mainly a source of information for the lyrics of Fergie-the Glamorous, it also has links to a number of lyric sites.

If you need lyrics that are 'licious then have a look at fergalicious-lyrics.blogspot.com.