Live Better For Less is for those who want to 'Live better....for less', and to make the most of their time and money.

There is a huge article library with everything from appliances to weddings.

Unless your Bill Gates this one is well worth a look.

Acne Explained

Acne Explained aims to provide a complete guide to understanding acne with tips on treatment and prevention, and how to avoid further distress.

They offer a Free E-Zine that details some of the latest breakthroughs in acne research.

Acne Explained is part of the "Explained Network" that also has sites offering help on subjects such as back-pain, cellulite, cholesterol and hair loss. Fighting For Bloggers Rights

Electronic Frontier Foundation's stated goal is to give an overview of the legal issues that you may be confronted with as a blogger, so that you may blog freely in the knowledge that your legitimate free-speech is protected.Their 'Legal Guide For Bloggers' covers FAQs ranging from fair use to the laws on defamation, to blogging in the workplace. Unofficial Meta Search Engine is an unofficial meta search engine that combines search results from top engines including Yahoo, Google and MSN. Yzoo combines the search results to give a short and concise Top 10 of hopefully the most useful web pages.

The left-hand sidebar displays the top search results from a combination of search engines. The right-hand sidebar stores and displays the latest searches carried out by Yzoo users themselves.

Very handy!

Blushing Buyer: For Blush-Free Shopping was set up to provide an easy way to buy products that can sometimes cause embarrassment.

Their philosophy is to provide a discreet, friendly and fun place where customers can make sensitive purchases in total confidence.

The product range is extensive and also has a varied range of what can best be described as adult or sensual products. These are probably beyond the scope of this upstanding website, but you are welcome to have a look yourself!

Home Of The Web's Best Freebies

The Free Site aims to list all the top free products, services and offers available on the web.

The list of products and offers is enormous and includes freeware, free stuff, samples, downloads, e-mail, games, software, fonts, webmaster freebies, contests, coupons and even free food!

If you don't find it here you won't find it anywhere! really is the home of the web's best freebies!