Marrakech Holiday Villas

If you're searching  for  luxurious   Marrakech Holiday Villas   then take a look at  They  have over 10 years experience in Marrakech arranging tailor-made, luxury holidays.

With teams in both Marrakech and the UK they aim to offer in-depth, local knowledge to create a 5-star experience. The emphasis seems to be on catering for larger groups such as stag and hen parties as well as the more traditional family holiday.  Large groups of 20 people or more can be accommodated with enough  notice.

If you are looking for the full VIP lifestyle then the concierge service they offer should be able to provide you with access to some of the more exclusive and up-market night clubs and restaurants as well as the usual excursions and sight-seeing.

Marrakech is increasingly known as the African Ibiza with an average all-year-round temperature of 21.C  degrees but make sure to avoid August when the temperature can top 40!

Removals In Croydon

If you are looking for a removal company in   Croydon then  Man And A Van Croydon offer a wide range of services  from  single item pickups to flat and house removals at a very affordable price. They have a mileage charge of £2 per mile with a cost of £13 per hour  on weekdays to give  a minimum charge of £28 if you're doing the loading yourself.  Not too bad!

Given that they charge by the hour the more you have of the packaging of your stuff done in advance the cheaper the overall price.  If you do need help with loading and unloading  they have a  choice of one or two additional helpers, again charged by the hour.  

According to the website they do offer a fixed all-in-one price and will try  to match or beat any genuine, realistic quote.

Man And A Van Croydon are  based in South East London  but cover of all of the surrounding areas within the M25 and Home Counties. 

If you have any questions or need any help or advice have a look at their  How To Book page

Rotator Cuff Injury

The shoulder joint is a complex assembly of muscles and tendons, subject to enormous pressure but capable of the most intricate movement. Those of us involved in sports with lots of repetitive arm movements, especially over the head, may find shoulder pain common as we get older. This may be caused by a rotator cuff injury

 The website rotator cuff  gives help and advice on identifying if you do have a rotator cuff injury, and if so what kind of injury it is. If it seems likely that you do have a rotator cuff injury there is information on treatment, both medical and self-help.

Always seek medical advice if you have pain that lasts more than 2 or 3 days and does not respond to traditional pain-killers.

Hair Straighteners

For useful information on hair straighteners, have a look at This is a new blog focusing on hair care and styling equipment.

Although it has only just started up it has very detailed and specific information on what to look for when purchasing:

-Hair type, Price, Plate construction etc.

It looks as if there will be reviews of actual hair straighteners once the site is up and running.

Too Shy To Buy?

As an experiment I have used an old domain I have to see how hosting on Blogger would work.

Blogger has asked me to use word verification before I post to confirm that this is not a spam blog. It is most definitely NOT!!!! But like most bloggers I get all excited, start up a blog then the posts start to fall by the wayside.

I am hoping to be more of an active blogger but I do need to do a bit of experimenting with all the new facilities that Blogger now offers.

X Factor Latest News

10.7 million viewers tuned into X Factor breaking all records for the show. This was the best ever , up by more than 2.5 million on last year's figures.

If you love the X Factor Show you must take a look at X Factor Heaven Blog. This will be your "one stop shop", to talk about the winners, and losers, with news, pictures and all the videos and every thing to do with X factor.

This blog aims to be regularly updated so you should get the latest inside gossip from the judges and presenters. There are videos and pictures of all the contestants in the "X Factor latest news updates" section which are updated every week.

There is what is claimed to be an unconventional forum with a "Virtual Chat room" where you can meet new people from all over the world and discuss the winners and losers.

This is a new blog so it will only work if other bloggers make it work.

Free Google Software

If you don't have the latest spreadsheet or word processing software don't worry.

Google Pack is a collection of pwerful, easy to use software available directly from Google.

There are no trial versions or spyware, and the whole pack is ready to use. You simply select the software you need.

If you need more information on what's available have a look at Free Google Pack Blog This is a blog entirely dedicated to the Google Pack. This goes into a lot more detail so it's well worth a look.